Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Asking name

When we meet new person it is common we ask and introduce name. It is the simplest thing to identify our new partner. The easy way to ask name in Bahasa Indonesia is 'siapa namamu?' means 'what's your name?'. But it is only common between two people in informal situation, in more polite function we can say 'siapa nama anda?' ,anda means you in polite word.

We put a word for polite request as a beginning to our question like, 'permisi, siapa nama anda?.

If we want to ask a woman's or a man's name and in singular form we can ask :

'Siapa namanya?' or 'siapa nama dia?' because in Bahasa Indonesia it doesn't have possessive pronouns like 'his' or 'her' in English.

If we ask third party in plural form (they) we can use :

'siapa nama mereka?'

There are some ways to ask other people's names :

'siapa nama ayahmu' means 'what's your father's name?'

'siapa nama temanmu' means 'what's your friend's name?'

it's usual for a person when he is asked about his name and he answers, 'namaku Doni' or in more polite answer 'nama saya Doni'.

For a woman or a man's name the answer will be 'namanya Rudy' or 'namanya Wanda'.

Easy, right?

So, siapa namamu?

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