Monday, October 22, 2007

asking age

The next simple question that comes to our mind about our new friend is his age. In English we normally ask this question to someone,'how old are you?' ,in Bahasa Indonesia we use :
- berapa umurmu? for informal situation or
- berapa umur anda? for more polite function.
There are some other ways which has the same meaning :
- berapakah umur anda?
exactly the same with, umur berapa anda or umurmu berapa.
The answer can be, umurku tiga puluh (30) tahun or umur saya dua puluh lima (25)tahun.
For asking other people ages, we say,
- berapa umurnya for a singular subject
- berapa umur mereka for a plural subject
We can have the same answer,
- umurnya sekitar (about) lima puluh (50) tahun.

In Indonesia it's okey to ask a new person to us about his/her age. Usually they will anwer happily. Maybe it' different with the culture of other countries. What about the people in your country? Are they OK with that?

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