Monday, November 12, 2007

address (alamat)

Another question to a new person is about his address which must be in formal situation because we aren't close to each other. The common question is 'Anda tinggal dimana?' (where do you live) or 'Dimana rumah anda?' then his answer is 'saya tinggal di jalan Merpati Jakarta' or 'rumah saya di daerah kuningan'.

In other situation we can ask this way,'dimana alamatmu?' or 'rumah kamu dimana?'. For a singular person, we can use 'dimana rumahnya? or 'dimana rumah mereka' ( for plural ).
Generally the answer is 'alamatku di jalan Mawar nomer tiga'.

What if the address is about an office? Easy, you only have to ask 'dimana kantor anda?' and your partner's answer will be 'Kantor saya di Gedung Sejahtera (Sejahtera Building) lantai enam (6th floor) Jalan Ahmad Yani, Surabaya.'

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